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Our history began as a small crating supplier to the furniture industry over twenty years ago.

Customized Base-Pack Protective Bag Covers BEST ON THE MARKET!

We have the ability to add your logo to the protective bag covers. This gives total impact and the results your customers need.


Custom slatted crates are manufactured to protect your item, at a minimal cost. They are built around the perfect base that will support and allow for the best and safest shipping.

Most of our crates are individually designed to handle a wide variety of items to be shipped. We have the expertise to design the perfect crate for your valuable freight. To reduce your investment even further we buy our crating materials in very large quantities.
Some of our newest products include Trade Show Crates that are designed to take that year after year abuse that these types of crates endure. We can build them to any size to handle any kind of product from the very sturdy to the very fragile. You can be assured that your goods that you are going to use in the trade show will arrive there in great condition.

We pride ourselves in getting the job done when you need it and still maintain our competitive prices for you.

Here is an idea of some of the crates we have designed and manufactured. This is a just a short list from our many customers.
• Heavy Duty Show Crates
• Onsite Crating
• Motorcycle's Crated
• Open Style Crates
• Airport Runway Lights
• Large Industrial Parts Crates
• Fragile Antiques Crates
• A Crate for a Ford Truck Commercial
• Fan Blades for 747 Jet Engines Boxes

OUR SPECIALTY! Custom Size Pallets

Carolina Basepac has the ability to provide sound solutions for your palletization requirements. We will create a pallet designed specifically for your needs.
An evaluation of your current pallet usage may offer the opportunity to utilize a rebuilt pallet versus a new pallet thus creating a significant savings to your packaging budget.

Features of the Pallet Program:
New Custom Size Pallets
• Manufactured from local soft and hardwood supplies.
• Large or small quantities.
• Designed to accommodate any product and load requirement
• Inventory and JIT programs available for short lead time items. Rebuilt 48 x 40 - 4 way entry pallets

• 5 different quality grades available depending on requirement
• 100% quality inspection of repaired pallets insures consistency. Pallet Disposal Service
• Removal and disposal of unwanted pallets service available at a fraction of dumpster disposal costs
• Credit available for pallets of valueS. elect rebuilt sizes other than 48 x 40 available from inventory for immediate shipment.
For more information and product line card, contact us

Custom Designed and built wood/plywood boxes

Plywood and OSB boxes are designed to meet specific needs. These boxes can be lined with foam products, and we can construct special cradles, saddles or braces to further protect your valuable items.

Boxes differ from crates in that the box can be used over and over. They are usually totally enclosed. The details are more refined especially if the need is for a fragile kind of a product.
The majority of our work is for regular customers who use the same box over and over or who may use many boxes all designed alike but to meet special needs. We also build Storage Boxes, and Display boxes.

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